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50 Day Moving Average Support - tested and closed above this key level, a bullish signal. Wait at least one day to confirm support, then buy on a trade over the previous day high.

FIVE on 2/8/16 met the above criteria for a 50 Day Moving Average Support Setup. The daily chart below shows two small range days after the 50 MA test, and then a trade over the 2/10/16 high at $33.34, the trigger entry price. FIVE traded to $37.76 three days later. A 5% stop loss can be used.

Each day after the market close, we run multiple custom designed scanning algorithms that provide stocks for the next trading day swing trade list. If you would like to become a member of our swing trade service, the membership options are listed below.

Here are the stocks at 50 Day Moving Average Support on 3-23-2017 for trading on 3-24-2017

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