Real Time Cell Phone / Email Swing Trade Alerts has added real time text messaging to your cell phone and to your email whenever a new swing trade is entered.

We are also adding a second swing trade strategy, a 3 day reversal strategy:

1) Strategy is based off multiple algorithms that take into account intraday price action.
2) Entry Price, Stop Price, Target-1 Price and Target-2 Price will be texted and/or emailed.
3) These alerts can be day traded using Target-1 for day trading
4) Long and short trades are included in this swing trade strategy.
5) Sell half at Target-1. Move stop to break even on the second half of position.
6) If the position is still open at the close of day 3 after entry, close the position.

Here is the link for a Free 7 Day Trial. Then submit your cell phone number and/or email address on our contact page to start receiving the real time alerts.