Day Trading Sector Rotation

When you become a member at, you will get our live trade calls on stocks and ETF’s identified by our sector rotation algorithms.

Step 1: Our sector rotation algorithm identifies which sectors money is flowing into and out of using multiple variables: Previous day range, location on the daily chart in relation to the 20, 50, and 200 EMA’s, volume, and opening gap percentage.

Step 2: Our second sector rotation algorithm identifies which stocks in the top rotation sectors are flashing buy or sell signals based on the same four variables listed above. Sometimes we trade the sector ETF’s, sometimes the best sector stocks, and sometimes both the ETF’s and the stocks.

Day trading stocks and sector ETF’s off of our sector algorithms has significantly increased our win percentage and profit percentage. Many of these day trades also make great 2 to 3 day swing trades. We offer a Free 7 Day Trial Membership to prove it to you.

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